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US-UNM FY25 Wage Opener Ratified by Union Membership
The FY25 US-UNM Union wage increases have been ratified by the union membership. Details about the increases to be announced next week to bargaining unit, (5/20/24).

US-UNM FY25 Wage Opener Proposal in Ratification Vote with Union Membership
The FY25 Wage Opener Proposal is now in the ratification vote with union membership. We hope to have an update on the outcome of this vote next week (5/15/24).

US-UNM Union Up to 9% Salary Increase Criteria for FY24
For FY24, departments may provide increases from 6%, but no greater than 9%. Any increases above may be given on a limited basis at the department's discretion to address equity, performance, retention, or salary compression, or to address the impact to employees whose salary increase results in a change in contribution percentage for health benefits. These increases are contingent on sufficient internal funding.

For FY24, USUNM bargaining unit staff shall receive a six percent (6%) MSU increase effective July 1, 2023.

* Employees must have been hired prior to January 1, 2023 and completed their probationary period prior to July 1, 2023.
* Employees must have received Successful overall ratings for both Job Responsibilities and Goals on a centrally recorded 2022 Performance Evaluation or if the individual was a probationary employee at the time, the employee must have received a Successful overall rating on a centrally recorded Probationary Performance Evaluation by March 31, 2023.


* Employees who have not received a 2022 performance evaluation by management by March 31, 2023, will not be prohibited from receiving the FY24 MSU increase.
* Non-probationary employees who have received a "Not Successful" rating listed on either of the overall categories for job responsibilities or goals may have the opportunity to raise their overall ratings. Any employee whose ratings have improved by September 8, 2023, will be provided with an updated performance evaluation, and must be centrally recorded by September 22, 2023. If so, the increase will be processed effective the payroll period beginning October 07, 2023.

For Increases above 6%

Departments must use consistent criteria for determining additional increases and maintain internal documentation supporting their increase decisions. Examples of criteria to determine increases above 6% may include:

* The extent an employee's education and job-related experience exceed the minimum requirements for their position.
* The extent an employee's salary level trails market (salaries below the midpoint of the grade).
* Exceptional performance on goals or job responsibilities as documented in an employee's performance evaluation.
* Salary, compression, and internal equity recommendations based on HR's Salary Placement and Equity Tool (SPET).

NEW US-UNM Union Contract from 7/1/23 - 6/30/26

US-UNM Union Completes a Successful 2023 Contract Negotiations for FY24

Highlights of the Negotiations

-Up to 9% Salary Increase Effective 7-1-23; a 6% salary increase across the board.

-US-UNM Union's 2nd Chance to get salary increase of 6% with improved Performance Review in September.

-Workload Standards - Restoring sane workloads to positions by giving interim appointments salary increases that are both long term and temporary. In-range salary  adjustments are typically associated with the assumption of additional responsibilities due to a recently vacated position but may also be considered in cases of expanded scope of operational or business needs within a department.

The US-UNM membership has ratified the 2023 contract on 6/29/23.

Source NM's Story on UNM Labor Coalition Living Wage Rally
UNM unions call on Board of Regents to raise salaries for workers in $4.07 billion budget


US-UNM & the UNM Labor Coalition Living Wage Rally - 5/10/23 at Noon 
Thousands of UNM employees, including hospital workers, faculty, graduate workers, facilities workers, and staff, struggle to make ends meet every day living on wages that often fall below the federal poverty line. The UNM Regents need to ensure that staff and educators (who are bringing up the next generation of New Mexicans, producing research advancements, and ensuring our university's day-to-day functions) are paid a dignified wage!

Join us on Wednesday, May 10th from 12:00-1:00 PM, outside the north entrance of the Student Union Building on the UNM Main Campus to call on the UNM Regents to budget for living wages and a real raise for all UNM workers!

US-UNM Union's 2023 Legislative Priorities and Bill Outcomes  
Overall, we believe this 2023 Legislative Session was successful in meeting US-UNM Union’s main legislative priorities with real political change via law making. We hope these new laws will benefit you, your families and your careers. To see the full list of US-UNM's legislative priorities and bill outcomes for the 2023 Legislative Session, please go to the NM Legislature tab on this website. March 18, 2023.

US-UNM Union Adds Juneteenth Holiday- US-UNM Union adds an additional holiday, Juneteenth, to the current holidays for the unit. Effective 1/19/23.
US-UNM MOA Juneteenth Holiday.

US-UNM Children's Campus Staff and Kids Campus/Taos Branch shall Receive a $3.00/Hour Pay Supplement Increase
United Staff UNM (US-UNM) Union and the University of New Mexico (UNM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU between the two parties that the bargaining unit staff at the UNM Children’s Campus and Kids Campus/Taos Branch shall receive a temporary pay supplement of three ($3.00) dollars per hour which is subject to the Terms and Conditions|Acceptance of Funds of the Competitive Pay for Professionals (CPP) Grant. The effective date of the temporary supplemental pay will be November 19, 2022. Congratulations to the US-UNM childcare workers!

In Solidarity
The UNM United Graduate Workers (UGW) Union will be holding a rally on 12/7/22 at Scholes Hall from 12-1 in protest to key areas of contract negotiations with UNM management. Like all UNM Unions, the US-UNM Union stands in solidarity with the UGW Union. If you have a normally scheduled lunch from noon to 1, then please come to the rally. Important: If your normal lunch is NOT from noon to 1, then you must get permission from your management to have lunch at that time before going to the rally.
UGW's Petition:
There are other ways to stand in solidarity with UGW. Below please find a petition signing drive they are having that is printed on their website. "We (UGW) delivered the petition, now signed by over 800 people, to the UNM administration."

Thank You for a Great Mid-Term Election Turnout!
The final 2022 mid-term race ended last night, 12/6/22, in Georgia. We want to thank everyone who let their voices be heard during this midterm election and voted. The turnout in NM was strong! Now this is what democracy looks like.

VOTE in the NM Elections - Early Voting is Now Open (From 10/11/22 - 11/5/22)!
"Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on."
Justice Thurgood Marshall

The US-UNM Union wants to emphasize the importance of casting your vote in the November election and making your viewpoint known. This is our democracy and that means our country is governed by the people. So, let your opinions be known and VOTE!

In Person Early Voting-October 22 - November 5, 2022: Monday - Saturday 10AM - 7PM Most locations, including UNM SUB
NM Secretary of State Website 

Early Voting in New Mexico (Avoid the Lines & Bank your Vote!)
  • Can I vote early (before Election Day) in person?Yes. Early voting and in-person absentee voting are available.
  • When is the first day I can vote early in person?  Tuesday, Oct. 11.
  • When is the last day I can vote early in person?  Saturday, Nov. 5.
  • Is there an ID requirement? If so, what is an acceptable form of ID?  No. ID is not required, except for some first-time voters. 
Election Day Voting in New Mexico
The general election is on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

September US-UNM Union Unity Meetings to Build Membership
9/14/22 US-UNM North Campus Unity Mtg from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM via Zoom
9/28/22 September US-UNM Unity Mtg. from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom
Guest Speaker: NM State Representative, Natalie Figueroa, Member of NM House of Representatives Education Committee

2022 Summer of US-UNM Union Unity Meetings to Build Membership
7/21/22 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom
7/28/22 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom
8/4/22 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom
Guest Speakers for the Unity Union Meetings Include:
-NM State Senator Harold Pope, Vice Chair of the NM Senate Education Committee
-NM State Representative, G. Andrés Romero, Chair of NM House of Representatives Education Committee

-NM State Representative, Karen Bash, Vice Chair of House Health and Human Services Committee
Anna Rose and Matt Soliz, Staff Organizers for the UNM United Graduate Workers Union
Doris Williams, US-UNM President and Janice Blevins, US-UNM Vice President of the OMI Unit

In Solidarity
United Grad Workers, (UGW) Union Picketing  Event for Basic Non-Discrimination Protections 
Thursday, July 14th from 8 AM to 9 AM at the corner of University Blvd SE and Basehart SE

Notice from UGW:
UNM is still refusing to agree to basic non-discrimination protections in our UGW union contract and insisting that existing state and federal laws are sufficient protection from harassment and discrimination. We know state and federal laws can change at any time and that UNM ignores the rampant discrimination happening to grad workers NOW regardless of existing laws and policies. The non-discrimination protections we are proposing are standard in higher ed contracts across New Mexico and the country. Our next negotiating sessions begin the morning of July 14th.

We will be picketing from 8-9 am on July 14th at the corner of University Blvd SE and Basehart SE (next to the building where we will be negotiating).

Join us to show UNM's negotiating team we won't settle for a contract that doesn't protect all graduate workers' rights!

US-UNM Union's Three Salary Increases for FY 23 Effective July 1, 2022
Based on the bargaining unit's email requests to have the same salary opportunities that UNM management receives, USUNM union has negotiated three main salary increases for the bargaining unit for FY 23 - the 4% base salary increase (no forms need to be processed nor proof of funding is needed), the $15 minimum wage, and the merit/equity salary increase above the 4% (a form and proof of additional funding are needed).

Below are links to the MOA and a Summary of the Full USUNM Salary Guidelines and Forms to Complete for above 4%:
US-UNM FY23 Salary Increases Guidelines and Forms
Forms for Above 4% Increases Deadline - Monday, May 16, 2022

Copy of FY 23 Salary Increases Signed MOA

Fourth Quarter 3% Increase Beginning April 1, 2022
The UNM Coalition of Labor Unions had a successful legislative session. We made this unit’s voices heard in Santa Fe at the Roundhouse. In response, the legislature passed a bifurcated raise for education employees. One part of the increase is to happen during the 4th quarter for FY 22 and the second part is to happen in July of 2022 after the union negotiates the terms.

In March, the US-UNM union negotiated a salary increase for the bargaining unit. The salary increases afford all qualified employees a 3% increase starting April 1, 2022. A bargaining unit employee must have been hired before January 1, 2022, to be qualified for the raise.

Link to Fourth Quarter FY22  3% Increase MOU

In Solidarity 
United Graduate Workers Union Community Press Conference
Wednesday, January 26th, at 12pm on the UNM campus.

Please RSVP here for details.

DailyLobo Article: Custodial union protests against poverty wages, union-busting
UNM Labor Coalition Protest for UNM Custodial and Grad Workers

Union Demonstration for Graduate Workers and Maintenance & Clerical Workers
This holiday season give your fellow unionists the gift that counts - Solidarity!
Join UNM's graduate workers and maintenance and clerical workers to demand an end to poverty wages and union busting at UNM.
Where: Between SUB and Mesa Vista Hall
When: December 3, 2021 @ 4:30 PM

Please RSVP here:

Fiscal Year 2021-22 US-UNM Mass Salary Increase Update & Guidelines
USUNM FY2022 Salary Increases & Guidelines
US-UNM Exclusive 1.5% Second Chance Salary Increase for FY22 - Due 9/24/21
Must have mid-year performance evaluation completed by manager online by 9/24/21. Increase will take place during the 10/9/21 pay period.

Signed MOU Fiscal Year 2021-22 US-UNM Mass Salary Increase Update 
Signed FY22 Salary Increase MOU

2019-2021 Advisement Structure Study Negotiations with US-UNM Union
US-UNM MOU Regarding UNM Advisors Equity - 2021
Signed MOU Regarding Advisors 2021

US-UNM Voluntary Retirement Incentive Option, (VRIO) Program 2020
Signed MOU on VIRO

US-UNM 2020 Salary Increases
Signed FY20 Salary Increase MOU