The US-UNM Union has several pertinent documents that help facilitate the collective bargaining process.  Below are links to each of these documents.

The US-UNM Union Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract) with the University of New Mexico
Labor union contracts are multiyear, bilateral agreements between the labor union and the employer. A labor union contract codifies the terms and conditions of employment for union members, as well as the employer's obligations and responsibilities.
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US-UNM Union at Work  - Recent Negotiated Agreements for Our Workers!
US-UNM Union Workers Receive Salary Increases Up to 9% for FY24 (Art. 12 Wages)
For FY24, US-UNM employees may receive increases from 6%, and up to 9% provided workers meet negotiated criteria (See Art. 12, Wages in Contract) Effective 7/1/23.
US-UNM OMI Unit Receives Full 9% Salary Increases for FY24 (Art. 12 Wages)
All members of the US-UNM OMI Unit will receive the full 9% salary increase for FY24. Congratulations US-UNM OMI Workers! Effective 7/1/23.
US-UNM MOA Juneteenth Holiday- Add an additional holiday, Juneteenth, to the current holidays. Effective 1/19/23.
US-UNM MOU CPP Grant - Three Dollars/Hour  temporary Increase for Teacher's Aides at the UNM  Children's Campus. Effective 11/19/22.
US-UNM MOA FY23 Increase -Raise from 4% and above for US-UNM Bargaining Unit
US-USNM MOU to Postpone Full Contract Negotiations until CY2023 - Due to COVID-19.
US-USNM Minimum Wage MOA FY23 - Raised to $15.00/Hour.
US-UNM MOA Fourth Quarter FY22 Increase - Increase of 3% for US-UNM Unit.
US-USNM MOU FY22 Increases Salary Increase from 1.5% - 5.0% for US-UNM Unit.
US-UNM MOU regarding Advisors - Raise from 2% and above for Advisors for long standing salary correction negotiated by US-UNM Union with Provost Office.
US-UNM Voluntary Retirement Incentive Option Program 2020 -Workers received a lump sum retirement incentive of 25% of their annual base pay.
US-UNM Full Contract Negotiations Postponed – signed April 8, 2020 - Due to COVID-19.
US-UNM MOU regarding FY20 Increases -Salary Increase from 3.0% - 5.0% for US-UNM Unit.

University of New Mexico Labor Management Relations Resolution 
This document provides rights, responsibilities, and procedures in the employment relationship between employees and the employer.
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University of New Mexico Labor Management Relations Board Rules and Regulations
This document outlines the rules and regulations for labor management relations including general provisions, representation proceedings, and prohibited practices proceedings.
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