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US-UNM Union's Three Salary Increases for FY 23 Effective July 1, 2022
Based on the bargaining unit's email requests to have the same salary opportunities that UNM management receives, USUNM union has negotiated three main salary increases for the bargaining unit for FY 23 - the 4% base salary increase (no forms need to be processed nor proof of funding is needed), the $15 minimum wage, and the merit/equity salary increase above the 4% (a form and proof of additional funding are needed).

Below are links to the MOA and a Summary of the Full USUNM Salary Guidelines and Forms to Complete for above 4%:
US-UNM FY23 Salary Increases Guidelines and Forms
Forms for Above 4% Increases Deadline - Monday, May 16, 2022

Copy of FY 23 Salary Increases Signed MOA

Fourth Quarter 3% Increase Beginning April 1, 2022
The UNM Coalition of Labor Unions had a successful legislative session. We made this unit’s voices heard in Santa Fe at the Roundhouse. In response, the legislature passed a bifurcated raise for education employees. One part of the increase is to happen during the 4th quarter for FY 22 and the second part is to happen in July of 2022 after the union negotiates the terms.

In March, the US-UNM union negotiated a salary increase for the bargaining unit. The salary increases afford all qualified employees a 3% increase starting April 1, 2022. A bargaining unit employee must have been hired before January 1, 2022, to be qualified for the raise.

Link to Fourth Quarter FY22 3% Increase MOU

In Solidarity 
United Graduate Workers Union Community Press Conference
Wednesday, January 26th, at 12pm on the UNM campus.

Please RSVP here for details.

DailyLobo Article: Custodial union protests against poverty wages, union-busting
UNM Labor Coalition Protest for UNM Custodial and Grad Workers

Union Demonstration for Graduate Workers and Maintenance & Clerical Workers
This holiday season give your fellow unionists the gift that counts - Solidarity!
Join UNM's graduate workers and maintenance and clerical workers to demand an end to poverty wages and union busting at UNM.
Where: Between SUB and Mesa Vista Hall
When: December 3, 2021 @ 4:30 PM

Please RSVP here:

Fiscal Year 2021-22 US-UNM Mass Salary Increase Update & Guidelines
USUNM FY2022 Salary Increases & Guidelines
US-UNM Exclusive 1.5% Second Chance Salary Increase for FY22 - Due 9/24/21
Must have mid-year performance evaluation completed by manager online by 9/24/21. Increase will take place during the 10/9/21 pay period.

Signed MOU Fiscal Year 2021-22 US-UNM Mass Salary Increase Update 
Signed FY22 Salary Increase MOU

2019-2021 Advisement Structure Study Negotiations with US-UNM Union
US-UNM MOU Regarding UNM Advisors Equity - 2021
Signed MOU Regarding Advisors 2021

US-UNM MOU Regarding UNM Advisors Job Titles and Grades - 2019
Terms of MOU Regarding Advisors' Job Titles and Grades

US-UNM Voluntary Retirement Incentive Option, (VRIO) Program 2020
Signed MOU on VIRO

US-UNM 2020 Salary Increases
Signed FY20 Salary Increase MOU